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Producer Profiles

Dennis Thaler
Cow/calf, yearling and feedlot operator in LaGrange, Wyoming
In 1903, my great-great uncle left Hungary to put down roots on a 320-acre homestead in Wyoming, which has turned into a 20,000 acre ranch and farm. That homestead is now called Thaler Land & Livestock Company. By staying true to the conservation goals of our operation, we have proven that a carefully managed cattle operation can be profitable, environmentally sustainable and also beneficial!

ulie Ellingson
Cow/calf operator in St. Anthony, North Dakota
Julie Ellingson and her husband, Chad, own and manage a cattle ranch outside of Bismarck, North Dakota where they raise a registered Angus cattle herd. Both Julie and Chad grew up in North Dakota beef-producing families and met at the FFA state convention while still in high school.

Gary Teague
Diversified cattle operation in Fort Morgan, Colorado
Gary and Laura Teague started Teague Diversified, Inc. in 1994 when they leased and operated a small 2,000 head feedlot while attending graduate school at Colorado State University. Today, Teague Diversified, Inc., has grown to include a 25,000 head feedlot, 2,500 cows and several ranches in Nebraska and Colorado.

Rob Brown
Cattle ranch operator in Throckmorton, Texas
The Brown family has been ranching in Texas since 1895 after being displaced from the South during the Civil War. Today, Rob Brown, his wife Peggy and their children carry on the R.A. Brown ranching tradition and are proud to use technology and genetic markers to breed top quality cows and bulls to provide tender beef for consumers.

Scott Stone
Raises grass-finished, natural cattle in Woodland, California
The Stone family started Yolo Land & Cattle Co. in 1976 and today Scott Stone, his wife, Karen, and their two sons are active partners in the business. Yolo Land & Cattle Co. has taken advantage of their location near the Bay Area and is a diversified family agri-business.